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Balaji Pathology practices your pathology tests with best equipments across the Globe


Nihon Kohden Mek - 6420

For Hematology Test 

Accurax Sphera

Sphera Accurex

Fully Automatic Bio Chem. Analyzer know as Best Quality Result.

Fuji films Nx 500

For Some Test in not Done in wet Chem.

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CObas H 232

Cardiac Test Analyzer User For Trop I & Trop T For ICU.

Untitled design (21)

Abbott I Stast

Is Also Cartridge Automatic analyzer For Critical ICU/NCU

Untitled design (22)

Abbott Afinion

Is Cartridge Base Analyzer For Some Specialize Test For ICU Pt.

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TULIP Turbodyne

For Turbidomerty & Nephelometry


Helena C 1

For Coagulation Related Test

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Architect Abbott i1000 Sr

The Architect i1000 Sr Immunoassay analyzer.


Nihon Kohden

More reliable clinical data through “ADVANCED COUNT” function for lower PLT and WBC